Binging & Purging.

Our spare bedroom that is, well, it started out as a studio/craft room and morphed into my office and when that didn't work either, it became the catch all for my stuff. Now, with baby #2 coming, it will be their room. Maybe I'm doing some early nesting, or maybe I just have a moment to breathe and I've decided to take advantage of my energy and go forth and clean and sort. it's not like it's a massive job, I mean come on, the room is only 10x10, but I have a TON of supplies to go through, throw away, give away and maybe even sell on Ebay.
This morning I did some searching on the internet for "modern" baby rooms and I do believe I've stumbled upon my theme. I wanted to go with something basic and simple and have always just loved geometric shapes, such beauty in simplicity. So, I found a few things that I'm going to "sample" from to get my new baby nursery in full swing, once we find out the sex anyway.
I really, REALLY love these dots of all sizes, but I'm thinking without the Paul Frank monkies inside of them, too busy. Then Matt and I could make stencils of the different size dots, draw a shape on the wall, maybe a paisley pattern or a wave or swirly shape going from one wall to the next. We are both excited to execute this design.

Then I found a few accessories that I thought I could either replicate or find MUCHO cheaper than this expensive albeit very cool baby site.
I think that I'm just crafty enough and just cheap enough to be able to finish my baby's room for under $200, let's see if that happens. I think I'll post as I purchase, receive or pick up items for the room and tally everything up once I'm all done, and let you know. Also, if anyone has any places for good garage sales and shops to look in for fun unique items and they don't just have to be for baby, Ohhhhh, I'm very excited now.

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oooh I love the circles. I am weird enough that I love the monkeys too :)

Ooh, me likey the geometric stickies! Very simple and chic.

What about listing your stuff on Craig's list? I haven't tried it yet, but my mom swears by Craig's list now instead of ebay. No listing and selling fees. No shipping either since it's local pick up. I may try to put some of the remaining garage sale stuff on there.