A Little Scare Yesterday.

I spent approximately 5 hours yesterday afternoon to evening in the ER at Botsford hospital all by my lonesome. The reason? Well, earlier in the afternoon I realized I was spotting a little. And, luckily is was neither bright red or did I have any cramping, but none the less, there was blood. So, I was advised to go directly to the ER. However, I couldn't reach anybody to tell them and Matt had called an hour before to tell me he was working overtime, usually meaning until 4:30, only an hour from when I was getting ready to leave for the hospital. I got ahold of my mother so that she could call my MIL and fill her in and hopefully someone could then call Matt once he got home and he and Stella could come to the ER to be with me, because I didn't know if I was losing the baby or what? So, it didn't take too long to get into Triage, but it took nearly 2 hours from there to go into the actual ER. Long story short, I wasn't bleeding from my uterus, but from my cervix. Which I guess in relation to the baby is a good thing. All the tests came back good and the doc couldn't really tell me anything other than I may or may not have something called Cervicitis?!?!?! Anyway, by 9pm, I was finally on my way home and found out that I didn't need to be mad at Matt anymore because he didn't get home from work until 8pm and then didn't know what was going on because in my mad rush to leave, I never left him a note. Well you can't blame a mother for panicking at the thought of losing her unborn child. So, that's my story, I'm so done with the ER, never again.

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Brooke I'm so glad that every thing is ok! very scary.

Yes, very glad to hear things are okay! Call if you need anything at all, k?