Garage Sale Dreams.


Very shortly we are headed to our friends garage sale, lots of baby goodeis in Westland if anyone is interested. She started the sale yesterday and would you believe she made, well, I won't reveal the figure, but it's enough to go on a small vacation for 2. I have NEVER made more than probably $100 total at a garage sale, but with her success, I'm hoping that Matt can sell his Motorized Bicycle. It's literally a bicycle with a motor on it, he doesn't ride it anymore and we really could use the cash from the sale if it's would possibly sell today. So, keep your fingers crossed for us. Here is a picture of what it sort of looks like, although it's on a different bike. It would be perfect for someone who doesn't work really far from home, but just can't seem to afford these horrific gas prices, because it gets amazing mileage. I think Matt said that the tank is 2 gallons and it would last him all week if he rode it to work which is 6 miles from us. So, maybe we'll see you today, wish us luck.

Nada, that's what we sold. There was mild interest, by old men and large men who drove cement mixers, but mostly boyhood fascinations really, nothing concrete. Ha ha, that was funny and I didn't even mean to do it. Although that was a bust, we did somehow get free food all day. Thanks Jenn and Steve, you are super cool and thanks for being our friends. Love ya.

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As Steve said, we made almost $1000 selling junk from the basement and garage, the least we can do is spring for dinner!

I had a great time chatting and relaxing - and I think it's safe to say the kids all had a blast!