We've Moved...Again!

Due to technical difficulties, I've decided yet again to move my blog. I'm hoping that in this new situation I won't screw things up, EVER. So, please follow me once more to my new home at creativityatmypace.blogspot.com and I hope you will enjoy. PS: there will be something special revealed today so come on by and await the news.
Thanks Brooke

I've Started Purchasing.

Even though we won't know the sex of the baby until this Wednesday, I've already decided on a color scheme, 1. because I feel pretty certain for whatever reason that I'm having and boy and 2. I feel this color combination works well for boy or girl, sort of a unisex flair. Here are my 3 colors that I want to use in the room.And yes, I've already made some purchases like this nifty thing from Joann Fabrics.
This one is grey in color but mine is like the yellowy green up in my color palette. I thought it would be a good place to store extra blankets or little knick knacks, whatever, just something neat in the room. I also bought a blank canvas and some paint in shades of my color palette to do a little abstract design to add more interest to the walls. Our plan is to do a chair railing too so that the walls can be one shade on the bottom and a lighter shade on top, something to break up the room and make it look more contemporary. So far, the tally is approximately $27. So, we're doing good so far, it's the paint and the primer that's gonna kill us.

Now The Locks Feel Lovely.

I've been feeling pretty dumpy lately and so yesterday decided against all better judgment to go forth and get thee a haircut. I was just so tired of trying to grow it out and only hating every minute of it. I think I have finally decided after nearly 31 years of various hairstyles and colors that what is me is my dishwater blond hair cut pretty darn short. So, without further adu, here I am, with some new lovely locks. And, just for Sue, I too quite on accident am also wearing my grey wife beater.

Updated Belly Picture.

Thought I'd throw in a picture of myself since I thinks it's been about 6 weeks or so since the last one. I will be 19 weeks as of Friday, so I'm sort of afraid of how BIG I'm going to get. You see, when I was pregnant with Stella I weighed about 70 pounds more than I do now and this picture here is about as much as I showed with her, so knowing that I still have like 4.5 months to go, is more than a little scary. But, exciting too, because the first time around, I had REAL belly envy and now I don't think I'm gonna have that problem. Just sharing.

A Little Scare Yesterday.

I spent approximately 5 hours yesterday afternoon to evening in the ER at Botsford hospital all by my lonesome. The reason? Well, earlier in the afternoon I realized I was spotting a little. And, luckily is was neither bright red or did I have any cramping, but none the less, there was blood. So, I was advised to go directly to the ER. However, I couldn't reach anybody to tell them and Matt had called an hour before to tell me he was working overtime, usually meaning until 4:30, only an hour from when I was getting ready to leave for the hospital. I got ahold of my mother so that she could call my MIL and fill her in and hopefully someone could then call Matt once he got home and he and Stella could come to the ER to be with me, because I didn't know if I was losing the baby or what? So, it didn't take too long to get into Triage, but it took nearly 2 hours from there to go into the actual ER. Long story short, I wasn't bleeding from my uterus, but from my cervix. Which I guess in relation to the baby is a good thing. All the tests came back good and the doc couldn't really tell me anything other than I may or may not have something called Cervicitis?!?!?! Anyway, by 9pm, I was finally on my way home and found out that I didn't need to be mad at Matt anymore because he didn't get home from work until 8pm and then didn't know what was going on because in my mad rush to leave, I never left him a note. Well you can't blame a mother for panicking at the thought of losing her unborn child. So, that's my story, I'm so done with the ER, never again.

Binging & Purging.

Our spare bedroom that is, well, it started out as a studio/craft room and morphed into my office and when that didn't work either, it became the catch all for my stuff. Now, with baby #2 coming, it will be their room. Maybe I'm doing some early nesting, or maybe I just have a moment to breathe and I've decided to take advantage of my energy and go forth and clean and sort. it's not like it's a massive job, I mean come on, the room is only 10x10, but I have a TON of supplies to go through, throw away, give away and maybe even sell on Ebay.
This morning I did some searching on the internet for "modern" baby rooms and I do believe I've stumbled upon my theme. I wanted to go with something basic and simple and have always just loved geometric shapes, such beauty in simplicity. So, I found a few things that I'm going to "sample" from to get my new baby nursery in full swing, once we find out the sex anyway.
I really, REALLY love these dots of all sizes, but I'm thinking without the Paul Frank monkies inside of them, too busy. Then Matt and I could make stencils of the different size dots, draw a shape on the wall, maybe a paisley pattern or a wave or swirly shape going from one wall to the next. We are both excited to execute this design.

Then I found a few accessories that I thought I could either replicate or find MUCHO cheaper than this expensive albeit very cool baby site.
I think that I'm just crafty enough and just cheap enough to be able to finish my baby's room for under $200, let's see if that happens. I think I'll post as I purchase, receive or pick up items for the room and tally everything up once I'm all done, and let you know. Also, if anyone has any places for good garage sales and shops to look in for fun unique items and they don't just have to be for baby, Ohhhhh, I'm very excited now.

Garage Sale Dreams.


Very shortly we are headed to our friends garage sale, lots of baby goodeis in Westland if anyone is interested. She started the sale yesterday and would you believe she made, well, I won't reveal the figure, but it's enough to go on a small vacation for 2. I have NEVER made more than probably $100 total at a garage sale, but with her success, I'm hoping that Matt can sell his Motorized Bicycle. It's literally a bicycle with a motor on it, he doesn't ride it anymore and we really could use the cash from the sale if it's would possibly sell today. So, keep your fingers crossed for us. Here is a picture of what it sort of looks like, although it's on a different bike. It would be perfect for someone who doesn't work really far from home, but just can't seem to afford these horrific gas prices, because it gets amazing mileage. I think Matt said that the tank is 2 gallons and it would last him all week if he rode it to work which is 6 miles from us. So, maybe we'll see you today, wish us luck.

Nada, that's what we sold. There was mild interest, by old men and large men who drove cement mixers, but mostly boyhood fascinations really, nothing concrete. Ha ha, that was funny and I didn't even mean to do it. Although that was a bust, we did somehow get free food all day. Thanks Jenn and Steve, you are super cool and thanks for being our friends. Love ya.

A Day for Stella.

So, I haven't blogged in a little while, and to be quite honest, I haven't been very positive lately and so didn't want to blog all negativity, so I just stayed away, but as with everything, this too shall pass right? Yesterday was a day for Stella. Wednesday's are my typical "day off" and so lately I've been trying to do things with Stella that are different, but not expensive, but stuff she hasn't done before. And, I always try to make it a surprise if I can. This time I decided to take her to the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum. Now, you can't really sell science to a 4 year old, but you can excite them by telling them that they can TOUCH EVERYTHING. That was enough for her, she was ready and went right off to bed the night before knowing my threat of "if you keep getting out of bed, we're not going tomorrow."
We arrived and while trying to park, we nearly got into an accident, I was totally in the wrong, but the man beeped as long and loud as he could and just kept staring at me angrily. I mouthed to him "sorry, but you don't have to be an a$$hole." I
think he got the point, I know I did. In the car as we sat there and I calmed down, my very wise and perceptive 4 year old says to me "now momma, don't be upset, don't let us have a bad day." What can I say, the kid really knows me. So, we start heading to the museum, but are intercepted by the man who we almost hit and he apologizes to me for getting upset and I to him for being an idiot. All is good and I stopped to tell Stella what a nice thing that was for the man to do, he could have just gotten more angry and started yelling at me, but I think once he saw Stella he was like, "oh." So, we walk to the museum about 3 blocks from where we parked. She loves walking and even more than that, being where lots of other folks are walking, makes her feel like she's a part of something I think. In trying to find the entrance we discovered that the building is housed in and around the Fire Station, which Stella found all the trucks and gear to be and I quote, "CUTE!" So, we spent a ton of time in there, I think there are 4 floors, all varying in entertainment value and age appropriateness. Most of what you see does require reading, but for the basic 4 year old, there are plenty of levers, wheels and buttons to operate that that didn't matter. And, her favorite, water tables. She loves to play in the water and will spend an hour or more playing at grandma's in the sink. Anyway, and there is a rock wall to climb, a piano you can play with your feet, you can try to pull this hula hoop dipped in bubbles around you to try to encase yourself in a bubble and all kinds of interesting things for the adults to learn about science and the environment and going green and such. There is so much more, but those are the things she seemed to enjoy the most. It was so cool to see her looking at me as if to say "I can't believe you aren't telling me to stop or put that down and that it's ok for me to touch anything I want." It was one of the most relaxing days I think I've spent with her since she was a baby. So, starving, I pull her out of the museum and we walk about 6 block to the Parthenon restaurant on Main Street. Yummy greek food and of course she had grilled cheese and loved every bite. Then she told me that she wanted to sit somewhere and talk, so we left the restaurant and walked a little more and discovered where the road had been blocked off to film the new movie "Youth In Revolt." We didn't see anyone famous, but it was cool to see what a real Hollywood movie set looks like. She could've cared less. Then we found a place to sit, in the 90 degree heat and talked for a bit about silly things, baby things and doing my hair. She's my sweet little baby and I regret every moment I don't spend with her just listening to her talk or ask me questions, because very soon the day will come that she's yelling at me telling me she hates me. But, then we'll make up, go shopping and grab a cup of coffee and talk about silly things, baby things and doing my hair?

Here are a few pics from the day:

Mini Treasures Cheap.

Though it was a raining day, we decided to venture out together. We headed to Ann Arbor, not to the Art Fair, but to two of my favorite places in Ann Arbor that not many people know about. The first is a really cool place and it appeals to the Green Crowd, it's the Ann Arbor Recycle Center where you can find the oddest things for great prices, usually. Matt was in search of a bike to restore, which he can normally find an older bike for any where from $5 - $15 but since the price of gas has skyrocketed, so has the cost for used bikes. Not 2 months ago he picked up an old bike worthy of restoration for $5, but on this day, they wanted a bike of similar quality for a whopping $65. He was flabbergasted and sadly he DID NOT purchase any bike. We did however find 6 books, a small pink tv tray and a collapsible Sponge Bob chair for Stella. Then we ventured over to The Scrap Box, which is another Green place where you never really know what they'll have, and that's the fun in it. It's really a place for local groups like boy scouts, girl scouts and preschools and such can get little odds and ends and crafting supplies that could otherwise end up in landfills, so fun is to be had here. Check out the website to see all they offer, but be sure to check there schedule of when they are open, because there schedule is odd. While we were there, Stella made this for free. There is a table set up for kids to do a little project while they visit and while you look around. Today Matt and I found a few cool things. We picked up 5 of these cool wire condiment carriers that were made by the Tabasco company and we paid 25cents a piece, Matt found a nice textured cardstock he can use to make his books for $2 for a stack that's 1" tall and I got a 1" stack of chipboard for $1. All in all not a bad day and oh so cheap.

Oh, and just because I was taking pictures below it, I decided to take a pic of that Mason Jar Light Fixture Matt put together for me. Thank the lord for a man that isn't afraid to try new and crazy ideas I find or come up with, gotta love that.

It IS Easy Being Green.

I have this friend and you should check out her blog because she's all about being green. You know, environmentally conscious and all that. It's cool too because she's crafty as well. She likes to garage sale and garbage pick and I've known this chick since she moved here in elementary school and she's one hip lady. Check out her blog at greentag.typepad.com and eventually her Etsy shop once she gets it all going. I'm sure it won't disappoint. She even blogs about local interest and politics, it's definitely one to tag and keep an eye on. Plus, if she's knows people are reading, she's more apt to continue to be insightful. Check it out!

An Escape From The Heat.

To get away from the intense heat and humidity yesterday I decided to surprise my 4 year old with a trip to the movies. We hadn't been since "Happy Feet" came out, so this was a good excuse to go. Besides that, taking her to a matinee is WAY cheaper than attempting to go at night with hubby in tow. She was really surprised once I revealed to her where we were and what we were doing. To be perfectly honest, I think she was more excited to be at the "Feater." We grabbed a small popcorn, small pop and a box of raisinetts and we were off to find a good seat. No one was really there at 11am on a Wednesday, yet for whatever reason a woman and her daughter felt the need to site right behind us. WHY? At least sit one row further back, oh well, it wasn't a big deal. She was really patient about 3/4 the way through until the popcorn was gone, she made sure every last bit had been devoured, even refusing the raisinetts I offered in trade for a few bites of the popcorn. She got a little antsy towards the end, but who could blame you when your little legs don't weigh enough to keep the seat down the entire time. It was fun and when we left we were both tired. I said, let's head home and we relaxed in the backyard a while and she swam. It was a pretty good day.

A Harried Morning. (Pun Intended)

Well, mornings in our house are usually sort of hectic, but really for no reason in particular. I work from home and make my own schedule, it's just that I hate making my Mother-in-Law wait too long before Stella gets over there. So, this morning was like any other in that we got going late, had to have breakfast and also throw a bath in there somewhere. So, we did a quick bath and apparently I was too quick and slightly rough with the towel and she cried because I didn't know what she needed and vice versa. We got over that one, and then proceeded to get dressed. I finish getting myself ready and she comes out of her room saying that she brushed her hair and was ready to go. I look down at her and see these 2-3 inch clumps of hair on her shoulder. Now, I know she is already slightly upset so I approach the question carefully, or so I thought, and say "what did you do?" She begins wailing and says "NOTHING, don't tell grandma!" I said, "calm down, now did I yell at you?" She wails "YES!" I say "no I didn't, now calm down." She asks me to throw away the clump of hair and I carefully set it in a small mound on my desk. Honestly it just made me laugh, didn't we all do that when we were little? She is no different and that's what I need to remind myself. Who knows, maybe I have a budding hair stylist, besides when I looked at her hair dry, I couldn't tell where she cut it from, she didn't do half bad. Got to love the grandma for teaching the 4 year old the proper way to hold and operate a pair of safety scissors. Thanks ma.

A Blog To Share.

A blog I frequent to strangely enough, get parenting advice, get inspired and drool over for her fabulous knitting is that of sue-paperdiva.blogspot.com/ Sue is VERY cool and I used to work with her at a local scrapbook store. You must check out her blog and even more than that, encourage her to open an Etsy shop selling her fabulously knitted work. She has more talent than she obviously knows of. I was just visiting her blog and was inspired myself. She is redoing her daughters room and mentioned that she has a bunch of letter "E's" that she has collected for her daughter, the first initial of her name, that she will put all over her wall as decoration. LOVE IT! Now, I must go in search of the letter "S." I feel like I'm on Sesame Street. I guess that makes it sort of a "vision board" item now doesn't it?

First Vision Board Item

Because we don't have a stitch of truly comfortable, restful furniture in our house, aside from our bed, I am in search of the worlds comfiest overstuffed armchair. I'm desiring to find something by right after Thanksgiving, in time for the babies arrival. Here's sort of an example of what I'm looking for, but really I am open but definitely like the size of this one and the lowness of the arms.The problem being that at the moment we don't have the $300 to $750 to spend on something like this, and I certainly don't plan on spending that anyway, so if anyone has any suggestions or places I can go to get something similar to this item, but not at Ikea, we haven't had much luck with the quality aspect of Ikea. So, I'm just putting it out into the universe, but if anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them. I'm not even opposed to reupholstering an item of second hand furniture.

Amazing Blogs With Amazing Ideas.

While looking at a blog I love to glance at from time to time, http://divingforpearls.typepad.com/ and you really must check out Maz's work, it's so gorgeous; books, layouts, projects oh my! She even crafts while away on vacation. I found she had a link to this blog, http://michelleward.typepad.com/how_cool_is_that/
a very cool blog that I haven't explored in its entirety but what I did see was oh so cool. Not just cool projects, but how to create those cool projects, everything from how to create wax rubbings to cutting out your own stencils to making your own rubber stamps and I can see so much more. This is so a site I will be back to and often.

Beautiful Just For What It Is.

I stumbled upon this little gem via Design Sponge and then my always inspiring go to mag "Somerset Life." In it I flipped to a page about a woman named Marilyn Healey from Utah who puts German Glass Glitter in vintage perfume bottles, takes a scroll of paper, dips it in wax and uses that to cork the bottle then ties a beautiful ribbon around it. Gorgeous! I'm always on the lookout for things that people use found objects for and this is right up there, she also sells these from time to time in her Etsy shop. Check out her blog at marilynhealey.blogspot.com it's chock full of beautiful vintage things and elegant collage work. It's a must see and I'm so glad to have found it.

Something Funny To Share.

I just had to share.
Matt let me sleep in this morning because I worked till almost 2:30am and so we trade off, it seems to be the only thing that's fair. So, he wakes me up to tell me that he and Stella are walking up to Rite Aid to get a battery for the smoke detector. That's a great idea, it's about 8-10 blocks or so and he and she both love LONG walks. Good bonding time for the both of them. But probably 10 minutes after they left, it started pouring rain. We don't have an umbrella. Stella has a Sponge Bob one, but I don't think they brought it. Can't wait to see them when they get back.

*Update: this photo does not reflect the extent of their wetness upon arrival. I hear there were many puddles and a rather large dog involved in their adventure. It's nice they have these times to remember together.

First Bit of Creative Goodness.

This being the positive blog that it WILL BE, I want my first "vision" post to be for something that I like to peruse often and will probably reference continually. If you haven't heard of Design Sponge, you are missing out! Run, don't walk over right now to http://designspongeonline.com/
It is truly an amazing site dedicated to artists, their work and tres cool DIY projects.

Here is one neat project that we actually replicated in our own home and we love it. It is a mason jar light fixture and the how can be found at http://www.designspongeonline.com/2008/06/diy-project-whitneys-mason-jar-lights.html
Here is a pic of what they did, maybe in time I'll post our pic.

Negative Nancy No More!!

So, many of the ladies out there will know what I'm referring to in this blog when I discuss its purpose as a "Vision Board" blog. Of course, it's not my idea, it came from the Oprah show and of course, it is not an original thought of hers, but one of her many enlightened guests who have appeared on her show in the past year or so have been discussing this topic. It intrigued me, this idea of changing how you think about things in your life or really just "things" in general and how when everything you're thinking about is negative, that's what you get back from this world, it's what you attract. No, I'm not into the crazy mumbo jumbo that is "The Secret" I just know that thus far, the negative thinking and self talk HAS NOT worked and now, I'm devoting this blog to what goals in life I want to achieve, and not to mention, making more time for me and what I need. Even simple things, like rest and creative time. So, here goes. Anyone, feel free to join me on this *warning: cliche ahead* "JOURNEY" I welcome you with open arms, an ear that is very attuned to listening and a mind open to all things inspiring. I too hope that maybe I will be able to offer some inspiration in return.