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A blog I frequent to strangely enough, get parenting advice, get inspired and drool over for her fabulous knitting is that of sue-paperdiva.blogspot.com/ Sue is VERY cool and I used to work with her at a local scrapbook store. You must check out her blog and even more than that, encourage her to open an Etsy shop selling her fabulously knitted work. She has more talent than she obviously knows of. I was just visiting her blog and was inspired myself. She is redoing her daughters room and mentioned that she has a bunch of letter "E's" that she has collected for her daughter, the first initial of her name, that she will put all over her wall as decoration. LOVE IT! Now, I must go in search of the letter "S." I feel like I'm on Sesame Street. I guess that makes it sort of a "vision board" item now doesn't it?

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Yo! You are too sweet!
I found many letters at craft stores, thrift stores, catalogs, and I know of a website or two that you can order them pretty cheaply.
I would love to help you decorate the rooms :)