Mini Treasures Cheap.

Though it was a raining day, we decided to venture out together. We headed to Ann Arbor, not to the Art Fair, but to two of my favorite places in Ann Arbor that not many people know about. The first is a really cool place and it appeals to the Green Crowd, it's the Ann Arbor Recycle Center where you can find the oddest things for great prices, usually. Matt was in search of a bike to restore, which he can normally find an older bike for any where from $5 - $15 but since the price of gas has skyrocketed, so has the cost for used bikes. Not 2 months ago he picked up an old bike worthy of restoration for $5, but on this day, they wanted a bike of similar quality for a whopping $65. He was flabbergasted and sadly he DID NOT purchase any bike. We did however find 6 books, a small pink tv tray and a collapsible Sponge Bob chair for Stella. Then we ventured over to The Scrap Box, which is another Green place where you never really know what they'll have, and that's the fun in it. It's really a place for local groups like boy scouts, girl scouts and preschools and such can get little odds and ends and crafting supplies that could otherwise end up in landfills, so fun is to be had here. Check out the website to see all they offer, but be sure to check there schedule of when they are open, because there schedule is odd. While we were there, Stella made this for free. There is a table set up for kids to do a little project while they visit and while you look around. Today Matt and I found a few cool things. We picked up 5 of these cool wire condiment carriers that were made by the Tabasco company and we paid 25cents a piece, Matt found a nice textured cardstock he can use to make his books for $2 for a stack that's 1" tall and I got a 1" stack of chipboard for $1. All in all not a bad day and oh so cheap.

Oh, and just because I was taking pictures below it, I decided to take a pic of that Mason Jar Light Fixture Matt put together for me. Thank the lord for a man that isn't afraid to try new and crazy ideas I find or come up with, gotta love that.

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It's great that you have a place like that in your area. Curious to see what you plan on using those 4 Tabasco condiment holders for? And I wish your hubby could come over & set up the lanterns I carried home from the Philippines. They're made of Capiz shells, but the opening for the lighting is so tiny. I brought it to Home Depot and the employees there had no clue how to help me get them wired.