Negative Nancy No More!!

So, many of the ladies out there will know what I'm referring to in this blog when I discuss its purpose as a "Vision Board" blog. Of course, it's not my idea, it came from the Oprah show and of course, it is not an original thought of hers, but one of her many enlightened guests who have appeared on her show in the past year or so have been discussing this topic. It intrigued me, this idea of changing how you think about things in your life or really just "things" in general and how when everything you're thinking about is negative, that's what you get back from this world, it's what you attract. No, I'm not into the crazy mumbo jumbo that is "The Secret" I just know that thus far, the negative thinking and self talk HAS NOT worked and now, I'm devoting this blog to what goals in life I want to achieve, and not to mention, making more time for me and what I need. Even simple things, like rest and creative time. So, here goes. Anyone, feel free to join me on this *warning: cliche ahead* "JOURNEY" I welcome you with open arms, an ear that is very attuned to listening and a mind open to all things inspiring. I too hope that maybe I will be able to offer some inspiration in return.

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this is very refreshing and good to hear! go for it b!

It is so funny that I just read "the secret". Welp, I like your new blog alot. Sorry I have been MIA. Busy, Busy. How are you feeling. We WILL (underlined) be catching up soon.
Love, Aud