An Escape From The Heat.

To get away from the intense heat and humidity yesterday I decided to surprise my 4 year old with a trip to the movies. We hadn't been since "Happy Feet" came out, so this was a good excuse to go. Besides that, taking her to a matinee is WAY cheaper than attempting to go at night with hubby in tow. She was really surprised once I revealed to her where we were and what we were doing. To be perfectly honest, I think she was more excited to be at the "Feater." We grabbed a small popcorn, small pop and a box of raisinetts and we were off to find a good seat. No one was really there at 11am on a Wednesday, yet for whatever reason a woman and her daughter felt the need to site right behind us. WHY? At least sit one row further back, oh well, it wasn't a big deal. She was really patient about 3/4 the way through until the popcorn was gone, she made sure every last bit had been devoured, even refusing the raisinetts I offered in trade for a few bites of the popcorn. She got a little antsy towards the end, but who could blame you when your little legs don't weigh enough to keep the seat down the entire time. It was fun and when we left we were both tired. I said, let's head home and we relaxed in the backyard a while and she swam. It was a pretty good day.

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Took Lucas to see the Chipmunks $1 matinee and it was torture. PS. I am adding you to my essential friends blog list on my you mind, is that OK?

that always happens to me. I either get a seat kicker or a loud talker.