Something Funny To Share.

I just had to share.
Matt let me sleep in this morning because I worked till almost 2:30am and so we trade off, it seems to be the only thing that's fair. So, he wakes me up to tell me that he and Stella are walking up to Rite Aid to get a battery for the smoke detector. That's a great idea, it's about 8-10 blocks or so and he and she both love LONG walks. Good bonding time for the both of them. But probably 10 minutes after they left, it started pouring rain. We don't have an umbrella. Stella has a Sponge Bob one, but I don't think they brought it. Can't wait to see them when they get back.

*Update: this photo does not reflect the extent of their wetness upon arrival. I hear there were many puddles and a rather large dog involved in their adventure. It's nice they have these times to remember together.

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