A Harried Morning. (Pun Intended)

Well, mornings in our house are usually sort of hectic, but really for no reason in particular. I work from home and make my own schedule, it's just that I hate making my Mother-in-Law wait too long before Stella gets over there. So, this morning was like any other in that we got going late, had to have breakfast and also throw a bath in there somewhere. So, we did a quick bath and apparently I was too quick and slightly rough with the towel and she cried because I didn't know what she needed and vice versa. We got over that one, and then proceeded to get dressed. I finish getting myself ready and she comes out of her room saying that she brushed her hair and was ready to go. I look down at her and see these 2-3 inch clumps of hair on her shoulder. Now, I know she is already slightly upset so I approach the question carefully, or so I thought, and say "what did you do?" She begins wailing and says "NOTHING, don't tell grandma!" I said, "calm down, now did I yell at you?" She wails "YES!" I say "no I didn't, now calm down." She asks me to throw away the clump of hair and I carefully set it in a small mound on my desk. Honestly it just made me laugh, didn't we all do that when we were little? She is no different and that's what I need to remind myself. Who knows, maybe I have a budding hair stylist, besides when I looked at her hair dry, I couldn't tell where she cut it from, she didn't do half bad. Got to love the grandma for teaching the 4 year old the proper way to hold and operate a pair of safety scissors. Thanks ma.

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Emma did it once.Only once. It was bad enough to leave a lasting memory :)